A 2013 VCCS Alumnus is Honored at UNC-Wilmington

Dequan Mitchell, a 2013 VCCS grad and senior at UNC-Wilmington, was recently honored by the university for reestablishing the school's Black Student Union.

Earlier this month, the university presented him an engraved wooden gavel in recognition of his tenacity and unwavering commitment to his principles, classmates and vision and for making the university look good through his outreach in the community.

Before Dequan assumed the reigns as president of the Black Student Union, the group was primarily known for its focus on negative issues and frivolous social activities. He has refocused the group's attention on using their talents and skills to advance and help others.

One administrator said Dequan was the first African American male student to set up a one-on-one appointment with him to discuss his concerns about a comment with negative racial connotations made by the administrator. Although Dequan's straightforwardness in addressing it caught him by surprise, the administrator apologized for his statement being stereotypical and creating detrimental perceptions, and he vowed to avoid making such comments. But he was just as impressed that Dequan had the fortitude to discreetly approach him and address his concerns with such diplomacy.

Dequan is a peer mentor in the Excellence Project, which was recognized by the university for its mentees having the highest GPA's among all ethnic groups at UNCW.
Congratulations Dequan! May the Lord continue to order your steps!