VCCS Alumni Meet & Greet

December usually marks the season for the Christmas Holiday and the soon approaching of the Winter Break at VCCS. It's always an exciting time for most VCCS Students, Faculty & Staff. It marks the end of the semester for VCCS students, and as we did last year, we'd like to introduce ourselves to the 2013 VCCS seniors (future graduates of the VCCS Class of 2013)!

Whenever our alumni have the chance we love to take the opportunity to mingle with our future alumni and give back by sharing on experiences / advice when given the opportunity. It's a pretty laid back setup because the students will be playing games and enjoying the good Christmas party food - y'all remember those days lol. We will be passing out small gift bags which usually include all of the VCCS A&F's contact information. VCCS Alumni, if you are able to make it out, please email We look forward to seeing you out there! Love you guys =)

Warmest Regards,
Tiara Cloud
VCCS A&F President